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Regular students, Sailing-Boat-Programme students and Graduated students be informed that since January 8 th , 2007, Letters of Attestation and Document Requests will be all processed though our web page:

  1. You have to make a deposit on Banco Occidental de Descuento (BOD), Current Account on behalf of Universidad Marítima del Caribe (Caribbean Maritime University) # 000-379289-7.
  2. Log on the web page at and go to the Documents Request Section (in the future a section devoted to Graduated Students will be displayed.).
  3. Go to the Letters of Attestation and Documents Request Form in which all the boxes must be filled out. No exceptions. Undergraduate Courses Request.
    Form. Sailing-Boat-Programme Request Form.
  4. You have to go to the Student Registration Office to withdraw Letters of Attestation and Documents.
  5. Click here if you want to get Academic Certification Requests for Graduated Students.
  6. Letters of Attestation and Documents will be delivered on Thursdays, at the Student Registration Office.
Regular Students Attestation Documents
Graduated Students Attestation Documents
Letters of Attestation Bs. F 1,00 (USD 0,46) Graduated Student Attestation Letter Bs. F 1,50 (USD 0,69)
Certified Academic Transcript Bs. F 2,50 (USD 1,16) Diploma Authentication Bs. F 2,50 (USD 1,16)
Syllabus Bs. F 2,50 (USD 1,16) Attestation document of Prom Position and Academic Level Bs. F 1.00 (USD 0,46)
Curricular Unit Programme Bs. F 2,50 (USD 1,16) Programme Certification Bs. F 2,50 (USD 1,16)
Programme Package Bs. F 20,00 (USD 9,30) Graduation Ceremony Certification Bs. F 2,50 (USD 1,16)
Registration Record Bs. F 1,00 (USD 0,46)    
Registration Option Bs. F 1,00 (USD 0,46)    

Note: Students needing URGENT attestation documents must deliver a Statement of Motives Letter at the Student Registration Office the same day of the request.


Cohort: Year of admission to the institution.
Admission in September 2007; the cohort is 2007-02.
Admission in March 2007; the cohort is 2007-01.

Period: 2007-01.


This year 2007, the period is 2007-01.

Registration Option: It is a report which states each student's academic performance and it also shows the subjects that may be registered by students in the corresponding academic term.

Registration Record: Attestation issued by the CampusA2 System in which are indicated the registered Curricular Units, Section, Credit Units and Term to be attended by a student.

Letter of Attestation: Attestation issued by the CampusA2 System in which is indicated that you are a current student at the Caribbean Maritime University .

Academic Transcript: Data related to the subjects attended by a student, with the corresponding periods and marks, which allows determining his/her academic performance.


Coordination of Student Registration

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