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The Admitted Student’s list to the Sailing-Boat Programme

Admission conditions:

The admitted students to the Sailing-Boat Programme will have to attend an Induction Module to be given at the Main Lecture Theatre ( Caribbean Maritime University ). Students must wear blue jeans and white T-Shirts.

The Induction Module lasts two days (13 academic hours) under the following outlines:

-Tuesday May 19 th , 2009. Four Hours. From 1400 to 1700 hours.

-Wednesday May 20 th , 2009. Nine hours. From 0800 to 1700 hours.

Important Notice: The group characteristic (A and B) previously considered it has been dispensed. Therefore it is mandatory for all the admitted students to attend both days of the Induction Module.

-If an admitted student does not attend the Induction Module, his or her admission to the Caribbean Maritime University will be cancelled immediately.

-The admitted student will have to deliver a letter-sized manila folder in yellow, with hangers. The folder has to be identified on the cover with personal data such as: name, surname, ID Number and degree wished to be attended. The folder must contain the following:

•  Original and photocopy of the Proof of Registration at the University National Council (CNU) and at the Higher Education Admission National System Registration (RUSNIES).

•  Original and photocopy of the High School diploma.

•  Maritime and Environmental Engineering: High School diploma in Science or its equivalent.

•  Maritime Administration: High School diploma at any major.

•  Original and enlarged photocopy of the ID card.

Important Notice:

Photocopies must be contained in the folder with hangers. The original documents are supposed to be compared with the photocopies and the earlier ones will be returned immediately to the holders.

  • The Sailing-Boat Training Programme will be carried out at distance, via Internet, semi-presentially and evaluated in its components: academic domain, behaviour and attendance to the scheduled activities.
  • The admission to the degree course will be achieved according to the quota system availability and the strict merit ranking reached by a student during his/her participation in the Sailing-Boat Training Programme.
  • Those students who pass the Sailing-Boat Training Programme will have to deliver the requested documents for registration at the Student's Registration Coordination, in order to enter a degree course. Documents have to be submitted before the beginning of the class period, according to timescale and conditions established by the Caribbean Maritime University .

Important Notice: If a student does not comply with the requested requirements for registration or he/she supplies any false information on his personal backgrounds and –later- it is proved, whether the student's pre-registration process will be aborted immediately or the student will be suspended from his/her degree course.

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